Bill Bongiorno


Bill Bongiorno has been a communications professional since 1992. He has authored numerous articles on communications related topics. He holds a B.A. Degree from SUNY Buffalo in Communication.

David Riss

Creative Director

David Riss drives companies forward. 30+ years in the business. Illustrated Washington Irving, Charles Osgood, Harlan Ellison, photographed José Feliciano at Carnegie Hall, developed Lysol packaging, wrote marketing programs for GE, Reader’s Digest, interactive media awards for Pfizer, beta tester of Photoshop before it was released, accredited design professor, featured in Wired Magazine.

Marco Pelloni

Website Developer

Raised in San Diego, Marco was gifted a computer at the age of 5 by his father and life simply was never the same. Unrelenting interest turned to profession, and to date, his technical knowledge of modern web practices and fluency in several programming languages has resulted in hundreds of websites that currently power the web.

His knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, Bootstrap, and the WordPress CMS power hundreds of websites on the Internet today. He also has created businesses of his own and has managed teams of web developers so his understanding of how a website should function to turn visitors into leads is another advantage to working with him.